Lao delegation explores renewable energy in Thailand

Laos delegates on a study tour to Thailand's Bhumibol dam
Lao Holding State Enterprise delegates at Bhumibol Dam pumped storage hydropower plant in Thailand

A delegation of nine officials from Lao Holding State Enterprise (LHSE) travelled to Thailand in late October to explore renewable energy technologies.

Supported by Australia’s Partnerships for Infrastructure initiative, the tour was arranged following a direct request from LHSE to learn about different types of renewable energy technologies used in the region, such as pumped storage hydropower and ground-mounted solar panels.

Australian Ambassador to Laos, H.E. Paul Kelly, said “the tour was designed to exchange regional knowledge between Laos and Thailand on developing pumped storage hydropower and solar panel projects, which are balanced with ecological and climate considerations.”

The tour began on 24 October at the Bhumibol pumped storage hydropower plant in Tak Province, the first multipurpose dam in Thailand. Operated by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the plant generates electricity to supply 36 provinces in northern and central areas of the country. Water storage and discharge from the plant is also used to manage flooding and cultivate crops in the local area.

The next day, delegates travelled to Tak 2 solar farm, operated by Prime Road Power, who specialise in solar energy investments across the region.

Manasinh Vongsay, General Manager of LHSE, who led the delegation to Thailand, said the visit strengthened regional connections and cooperation on advancing clean energy.

“Both Laos and Thailand have made significant progress by investing in renewable energy solutions, such as pumped hydropower and solar. Exchanging energy expertise and technology with our peers in Thailand gives us the knowledge we need to further diversify our own renewable energy portfolio in Laos.”

LHSE is a state-owned enterprise that holds the Government of Lao PDR’s share in four major energy projects, including in hydropower and solar. Investments in renewable energy technologies aim to align with Laos’ ambition to drive economic growth, achieve climate commitments, and advance towards a sustainable energy future.

The trip to Thailand follows the Australia and United Kingdom announcement in July 2023 to support LHSE with the planning, financing and management of renewable energy projects in Laos.

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